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Bereavement Support

Banksia Palliative Care Service Inc.

Bereavement Support


All families receiving support from Banksia have access to a 12 month Bereavement Program.

The Bereavement Program consists of one on one counselling and a variety of different Bereavement Groups for children and adults.

Banksia holds an Annual Memorial Service for carers and families, to attend in memory of Banksia’s clients, for that year, and those previously.

Supporting a Grieving Person

This brochure provides some useful advice of how to support a bereaved adult.

Children's Understanding of Death and Experience of Grief

This brochure is helpful if you want to understand the normal grieving process of children of different ages.

Understanding Men's and Women's Grieving

This brochure assists us to understand some of the different ways men and women respond to loss.

Death of a Child

This brochure provides some helpful hints in supporting those who have experience the death of their child, grandchild or brother and sister.


New brochures are currently being compiled and will be available on the site shortly.