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Palliative Care Education

Banksia continues to provide high quality palliative care education via our Learning Centre Team. Through our Learning Centre we continue to empower clinicians, and members of the community with specific, specialist palliative care knowledge.  Our Learning Centre Team strongly believe that the more health professionals with capacity in this vital area the more people who will receive personalise care and treatment that will enable them to have ‘dignity in death’, whatever that looks like for that individual.

Our education is facilitated by highly trained and experienced Educators, with qualifications and expertise in all areas of palliative care. 

Banksia continues to work closely with organisations across Victoria to deliver vital education, including:

  • Residential Aged Care Facilities, DHHS Supported Residential Services,
  • Private and public health Services,
  • Councils,
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community Groups,
  • Regional Palliative Care Consortiums.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Learning Centre Team via email learningcentre@banksiapalliative.com.au or call on 03 9455 0822 to chat about education for your service/facility.

 Banksia is proud to facilitate the upcoming 2020 Education Courses:

Palliative Care Resource Nurse Course

This comprehensive course is aimed at enhancing Division 1 and Division 2 (medication endorsed) Registered Nurses’ understanding and knowledge of holistic palliative care, resulting in confidence and capacity when managing palliative care patients and their carers.

The course incorporates four face to face theoretical group education sessions and up to two days observational placement with Banksia, or your local health service (optional).

At the completion of this course, the attendees will have gained significant knowledge in the following palliative care topics:

  • The philosophy of palliative care and the palliative approach to care.
  • Palliative symptom assessment and management.
  • Palliative medications, including commonly used opioids.
  • Recognising palliative care emergencies and implementing appropriate treatments.
  • Caring for the terminal patient and their family.
  • Effective communication and difficult conversations.
  • The importance of self-care and teamwork, including support available for staff.

 Course details:

Hume Region: – POSTPONED

In conjunction with Hume Region Palliative Care Consortium

  • Date: 17, 18 and 24, 25 March 2020
  • Location: Albury Wodonga Health Service, Wodonga
  • For further information regarding this course, including payment options and available subsidies, please contact:
    • Nicole Spinelli, Clinical Education Administration Support
    • Email: Nicole.spinelli@awh.org.au
    • Phone: 02 6051 7275

Loddon Mallee Region: – POSTPONED

In conjunction with Loddon Mallee Regional Palliative Care Consortium

  • Date: 12, 13 and 19 and 20 May 2020
  • Location: Bendigo Health
  • For further information regarding this course, including payment options and available subsidies, please contact:
    • Susan Morgan
    • Email: susan.morgan@bendigohealth.org.au,
    • Phone: 03 5454 9214, mobile 0447 526 626

 Palliative Care Essentials Course:

Banksia’s comprehensive 1-day short course provides all attendees with greater understanding and knowledge of general palliative care principles.

The course content is relevant for Division 1 and 2 Registered Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, Aged Care Facility staff, Allied Health Care professionals and any person in the general community with an interest in palliative care.

The training includes the following palliative care topics:

  • Palliative symptom management including, but not be limited to:
    • Non pharmaceutical management of pain and discomfort.
    • General care and comfort principles including diligent mouth care.
    • Regular pressure area care, thorough hygiene, etc.
  • Managing the appetite and intake of a palliative patient.
  • Advocating for a palliative patient when dealing with other health services.
  • Emotional support for terminal patients and their families.
  • Effective communication in palliative care (with patients and family members).
  • The importance of self-care and teamwork, and support that is available for staff.

Metropolitan Melbourne Region: – POSTPONED

  • Date: Thursday 9 July 2020 
  • Location: Banksia Palliative Care office- 472 Lower Heidelberg Road, Heidelberg
  • For further information regarding this course, including payment options, please contact:

 Gippsland Region- TRAINING COMPLETE

Banksia, in conjunction with Gippsland Region Palliative Care Consortium,  is proud to present two Palliative Care Essentials Courses for health care professionals across the Gippsland region.

  • An Introductory Course providing education regarding:
    • Palliative Assessment and Triaging.
    • Symptom Management.
    • Diagnosing dying.
  • An Intermediate Course, building upon previous palliative care education including:
    • Opioid conversion.
    • Subcutaneous drug compatibility.
    • Recognising and managing palliative care emergencies.

 For further information regarding any of the sessions, including payment options please contact:

  • Melissa Spargo
    • Email: Melissa.spargo@wghg.com.au
    • Phone: 03 5623 0684

 Introductory Pall Care Essentials


  • Date: 24 February 2020
  • Location: Education Building, GSHS, 66 Koonwarra Road, Leongatha


  • Date: 26 February 2020
  • Location: Bridges on Argyle, 84 – 90 Argyle Street, Traralgon

 Intermediate Pall Care Essentials


  • Date: 25 February 2020
  • Location: Monash School of Rural Health, Sargent Street Warragul


  • Date: 27 February 2020
  • Location: Monash School of Rural Health, Crn Victoria St and Day St Bairnsdale

 Supporting People through Bereavement Course – this course is endorsed by Australian Association of Social Workers

This course will:

  • improve knowledge and understanding of grief and loss associated with bereavement;
  • increase confidence in supporting people experiencing grief and loss;
  • enable the provision of contemporary, best practice, evidence based bereavement care.

The course is facilitated by a highly trained and experienced Educator, with qualifications and expertise in grief and bereavement.

Topics include:

  • Grief and bereavement theories;
  • Common grief behaviours and reactions;
  • Risk, resilience and protective factors;
  • Strategies for supporting people who are grieving;
  • Grief and bereavement services and supports;
  • Self-care strategies for practitioners.

 The course is suitable for nurses and allied health professionals interested in palliative care, whether new to palliative care or wanting to update existing skills and knowledge.

Course details:

Metropolitan Melbourne Region: – POSTPONED

  • Date: 30 April 2020
  • Location: Banksia Palliative Care office- 472 Lower Heidelberg Road, Heidelberg
  • For further information regarding this course, including payment options, please contact: