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What is Palliative Care

Banksia Palliative Care Service defines Palliative Care as the provision of coordinated expert nursing, medical and allied health services, enabling people who are living with a life-limiting illness to live their best lives until the time of death. 


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“Without Banksia’s support, we could never have given mum her final wish. We could never have surrounded her with as much comfort, care and dignity that we did as she lived out her final weeks surrounded by the love of her husband, her children and her grandchildren, in her own home.” 

Jo (Daughter and carer)

Bereavement Support

Bereavement Information Sessions.

These sessions provide you with:

  • Information about the nature and impact of grief.
  • Coping strategies for grief and adjustment to loss.
  • Opportunities to connect with peers.


During this unprecedented and difficult time, we’re doing all we can to support everyone’s health, while we focus on delivering services to our clients and their carers.

As we’re all acutely aware, we are currently living in extremely difficult times, with government, businesses and our community, all responding to the unique and diverse challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic. The restrictions we are under, and the precautions we must all take are having a significant impact on the ability of many services, both within Australia and around the world. We want to assure you that the current, and increasing disruptions to services do not apply to essential services, and Banksia Palliative Care is an essential service.

Our goal is to continue to provide holistic, relationship-centred care to all of the people living with a palliative condition within our region, as well as provide a safe work environment for our team. We are working to minimise service disruption during the pandemic, however we recognise that we will need to be agile with advice around the virus constantly evolving, and therefore, would appreciate patience and understanding as we adapt to the changing environment and Government regulations.

Working within any constraints that arise as a result of the pandemic, we will continue to provide all existing expertise and services to our clients and their carers – our clients will have access to Palliative Care Consultant Physicians, Nurses, Social Work, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, full Bereavement services and respite care. We will maintain all of our 24 hours support services, and will prioritise working closely with our colleagues in health services and our primary service providers, the GPs.

We are basing all of our actions, policies, processes and responses on the expert medical advice of the Federal and Victorian Government Health Departments and Chief Medical Officers. We have actively instigated all recommendations of these bodies, including taking all precautions related to social distancing, both within the workplace and in the homes of the people we visit. We have established processes that will reduce some of our personal contact, such as voice and video conferencing facilities, and while our efforts to actively participate in minimising the transmission of the virus may have an impact on our mode of contact, but will not affect our dedication to our clients and their carers.

We can guarantee all of our clients and stakeholders that our team will go to every effort to ensure the safety of all, including themselves, and they:  

  • Will not be allowed to attend work if they are experiencing fever, or flu-like symptoms, or if anyone that they live with has similar symptoms;
  • Have travelled internationally within the last 14 days;
  • Have had contact with a confirmed COVID_19 (Coronavirus) case.

We are committed to the whole community as we all move through this this once-in-a-lifetime event. We will work closely with all of our colleagues, and support them in their endeavours to combat COVID-19 – we are, after all, all in this together.



Lawrie and Linda Carter talk about their experience with Banksia Palliative Care Service.

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